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Recipe Gajar Ka Halwa (Sugar Free) | Gajar Halwa (Carrot Halwa Recipe from | Food
Gajar Ka Halwa (Sugar Free)
by | BonGong Cook | Sep 2013

1 Peel carrots and grate them finely (I used food processor)

2 Soak dates in warm milk for 15 mins and then grind into thick paste

3 Heat clarified butter in a pan

4 Add grated carrot and keep it on medium flame for around 15 mins stirring occasionally

5 Now add milk-date paste and stir the mixture

6 Keep it on low flame for 12-15 mins stirring in between

7 Meanwhile, the dry fruits need to be roasted or fried in clarified butter (Your choice) I roasted them in microwave by heating for 45 sec. They can be roasted in a teaspoon clarified butter if required.

8 Check the mixture for aroma and switch off the gas stove. Now add roasted (or fried) dry fruits,nutmeg powder and cardamom powder. Mix well and its ready.

9 This dessert was over in less than 10 mins and no one thought that there was no sugar. Also, dates add very nice flavor. Enjoy..

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