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Sorakaya Halwa-Kaddhu Halwa Recipe from BonGong | Food
Sorakaya Halwa-Kaddhu Halwa
by | BonGong Cook | Aug 2013

1 Heat ghee in a pan and roast cashews and keep aside

2 In the same pan roast raisins and keep aside

3 To the same pan add the grated bottle gourd and let cook until it is halfway done. Do not add any water as the bottle gourd will start leaving water, let it cook in its own juices.

4 Add the milk and mix it until the bottle gourd is cooked and all the milk and liquid is evaporated.

5 Now add sugar, cardamom powder and Khoya to it, It will start getting watery again, keep mixing until it gets dry and starts coming together, your halwa is ready,Garnish with previously roasted cashews and raisins and serve. Some people prefer halwa with liquid still in it, for that you can just do the last step without letting the water evaporate. I personally prefer the dryer halwa. You can serve it warm or refrigerated.

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