BonGong Contributor - Tanavi Raicar
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Tell us a little about yourself and cooking?

Coming from a family of chefs I was always under pressure to cook good food. My dad was my biggest food critic. Since delicious home made food was always surplus I did not spend a lot of time in the kitchen, besides helping mom and when absolutely required. When I moved to the USA a couple of years back I was in food paradise with so many new flavors to explore. However, I never found a place that serves the amazing Goan cuisine. Missing my soul food was where my passion for cooking was born.

What was the best compliment you received?

The best compliment I have received is from a couple of our friends that said, "Tanavi, you have to open a restaurant. You are in the wrong profession!"

What's your signature dish?

As per my husband and many of our friends I make good Mutton Biryani.

What tips would you give a novice cook?

Cook from your heart, explore new flavors, make every dish your own, and remember that anyone can cook. You will have your own kitchen disasters at first. But keep trying and the same disasters will later be beautiful memories.

What are biggest influences to your dishes?

I am from Goa and the biggest influence to my cooking style is the authentic Goan food that I grew up on.

What was your first cooking experience?

I remember I loved making chocolate cakes as a kid. But I was not much of a recipe follower. And baking unfortunately is like chemistry, you have to have the right amount and do it the right way! Needless to say my cakes were never soft and fluffy. But the best part was my brother loved them so much we would not have any left overs for the next day (smiles)

What motivates you to cook?

Cooking is my therapy at the end of a hard day's work. The different aromas of spices and the ability to create something mouth watering with the variety of ingredients at my disposal just soothes me.

Whats your BonGong story?

The founders of BonGong are my husband's friends. We were just casually chatting one day and I thought it would be a great idea to contribute to their passion of sharing the secrets of Goan Cuisine with the world. I have enjoyed every bit of being a part of this wonderful BonGong family that is connected by my favorite thing... food!

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