Prawns Balchao(Fresh Prawns)
March 6, 2013

A traditional spicy prawn dish, can be served with rice and can also be stored and served as a pickle.

Cuisine Goan
Course Pickles
Serves 4
Method Saute
Difficulty Easy
Cook Time 2   hour(s)
  • Cuisine Goan
  • Course Pickles
  • Serves 4
  • Method Saute
  • Difficulty Easy
  • Cook Time 2   hour(s)
45 - 50  
green chillies, finely chopped
8 - 10  
garlic cloves
medium onions, chopped
15 - 18  
inches of garlic
5 - 6  
curry leaves
coriander seeds
2   tablespoon
pepper seeds
1   teaspoon
1   teaspoon
inches cinnamon stick
cardamom pods
dried kashmiri red chillies
200   milli liters
1   tablespoon
1/4   cup

1. Peal and de-vain the prawns, marinate with salt and turmeric for 5 minutes and then fry in oil, once cooked keep aside and allow to cool. Once the prawn are cooled, cut the bigger ones into half's, this allows the masala to sip into prawn.

2. Heat oil in another deep Vessel and add onions, cover the lid and cook on low heat. These onions would take around 30 minutes to turn translucent and soften to the right consistency for the next ingredients to be added into it, occasionally mix the onions so they do not get burned. Simultaneously prepare the chilli paste (Also known as vineger masala).

3. Make a paste of the ginger and garlic, keep coarse.

4. Blend Coriander Seeds, Pepper Seeds, Cloves, Cinnamon, Cardamom and Kashmiri Red Chillies to a powder.

5. Add Vinegar, Tamarind and ginger garlic paste and blend to a smooth paste.

6. Add green chillies and curry leaves to the onion and saute for another 10 minutes.

7. Add the chillie paste to the onion and mix well.

8. Cook for 5 minutes till the onion mixture darkens, add prawns, cook for another 10 minutes and take off heat. Put in a jar and store it in a fridge.