American Chop Suey
January 9, 2016

My version of American Chopsuey is more of an Indo-Chinese style dish. I remember savoring this dish as a kid in a then famous neighborhood restaurant which was shut down abruptly :(. Well, today I make my own American Chopsuey in an easy-peasy way. Enjoy!!

Cuisine Fusion
Course Main Course
Serves 4
Method Stir-fry
Difficulty Hard
Cook Time 45  minutes
  • Cuisine Fusion
  • Course Main Course
  • Serves 4
  • Method Stir-fry
  • Difficulty Hard
  • Cook Time 45  minutes
packets of ramen noodles or chinese noodles (the former is all curled and the latter is straight and long)
1   cup
water (to boil the noodles)
1   liter
tomato ketchup
1   cup
red chilli sauce
1   cup
green bell pepper- sliced
1   measure
red or yellow bell pepper - sliced
1   measure
shredded cabbage
0.5   cup
shredded carrots
0.5   cup
bunch of spring onion
1   measure
1.5   teaspoon
vegetable stock/ chicken stock/ water
1.5   cup
salt (or to taste)
0.5   teaspoon
corn starch
1   tablespoon
1   pinch
minced garlic
1   teaspoon
cooked chicken/shrimp (optional)
1   cup
egg (optional)
4   measure
bean sprouts
0.5   cup
dried herbs(oregano/thyme/basil/parsley) - optional
1   teaspoon
sliced onion
1   cup
sliced jalapenos/serrano pepper/green chilli
2   measure

1. Par boil the noodles (to about half done), drain and keep aside.

2. Deep fry the noodles in oil in batches. Take adequate quantity of oil (not too much or too little) in a more flat than round bottom pan and fry the noodles in a nest like fashion.

3. For the sauce, mix together the ketchup, chili sauce, vinegar, vegetable stock/ chicken stock (or water), corn starch and salt in a pot and keep aside.

4. In a pan, add a tablespoon of oil, heat the oil on a high flame. Add minced garlic and all the chopped vegetables and stir fry for 2-3 minutes on high flame. If you wish to add chicken or shrimp(pre-cooked) to the dish, this is the time to do so. I added some jalapenos for some extra spice, you can add it or skip.

5. Now add the sauce mixture to the vegetables. Add and adjust salt and seasoning(dried herbs). You can add any seasoning of your choice or also any mild Indian masala if you prefer. Bring the mixture to a boil and turn off the stove.

6. To serve, place the fried noodle nest on a plate, pour adequate quantity of the stir-fry gravy on top, garnish with chopped spring onion greens and serve as is or top it with a sunny-side up egg and serve.