November 22, 2015

Bhakarwadi is a snack made with chickpea flour stuffed with a spice filling.

Cuisine Indian
Course Snacks
Serves 10
Method Deep-fry
Difficulty Hard
Cook Time 1   hour(s) 15   minute(s)
  • Cuisine Indian
  • Course Snacks
  • Serves 10
  • Method Deep-fry
  • Difficulty Hard
  • Cook Time 1   hour(s) 15   minute(s)
chickpea flour
2   cup
wheat flour
1   cup
3/4   cup
dry coconut
4   tablespoon
sesame seeds
2   tablespoon
black pepper corn
1/2   teaspoon
cumin seeds
1/2   tablespoon
coriander seeds
1   tablespoon
fennel seeds
1   tablespoon
4   teaspoon
red chili powder
2   teaspoon
2   teaspoon
1.5   teaspoon
cumin powder
1   teaspoon
coriander powder
1   teaspoon
oil for frying
2   cup

1. In a bowl mix chickpea flour, wheat flour, 1 teaspoon each of salt/red chili powder/turmeric/coriander powder and cumin powder. Add 4 tablespoons of oil. Mix well. Keep aside 2 tablespoons of this mixture to add to the filling later.

2. Add little water at a time and knead the dough. You don't want the dough to be too soft. I used around 3/4 cup water for kneading the dough to get exact consistency. Cover the dough and set aside to rise while you make the filling.

3. In a grinder take coconut, sugar, fennel seeds, coriander seeds, cumin seeds, black pepper, sesame seeds, and remaining amount of salt/red chili powder/turmeric. Grind coarsely. Add the two tablespoons of flour you had set aside. Mix well. This is your filling.

4. Sprinkle some flour on the counter. Divide the flour into two parts. Roll half of the dough into around 1/4 inch thick sheet. You will have to cut the sheet into a square shape with a pizza cutter to ensure even thickness throughout for the bhakarwadi.

5. Apply a little water to the sheet to ensure that the filling sticks. Spread half the filling onto the sheet, leaving about 1/2 inch space in the end to seal the ends. Roll into a tight roll. Apply more water if needed to the edge to assist in sealing the edges tightly.

6. Once rolled, roll again as shown to ensure the filling tightly incorporates in the dough. Cut into 1/2 inch pieces. Make sure the pieces are of equal thickness to ensure even cooking. Repeat same for the rest of the dough.

7. In the mean time keep oil for frying. The oil should not be very hot to make sure the bhakarwadi cooks evenly. Once hot, add the bhakarwadi. Fry on either side till golden brown. Remove on a paper towel to soak excess water. Cool the bhakarwadis completely. Store in a air tight container and enjoy for up to a month.